Below are frequently asked questions and their responses which are the policies of 3rd Galaxi Art.

How long does it take to ship? 

Pieces are handmade per order and can normally take up to a minimum of 10-20 business days to complete. However this time can vary. If you have not received an email with shipping info within 10 business days your order is either in queue or still being created. You can email 3rdgart@gmail.com for an auto reply email with an update on your order based on the date your order was placed. Items are shipped standard usps.

I placed an order and I haven't recieved any updates on my order,  how do I check on the status of my order? 

Orders are made in batches of 10 orders or more,  a count of all the pieces needed from the 10 or more orders are taken and then they are handmade. Once completed the pieces are assigned to the orders and shipped out and you recieve an email stating so. The only status updates you will recieve are the confirmation of purchase email and the shipping email once your order is completed. We will not provide status updates on your piece it is either being made, in queue to be made, or complete and at that point you are updated. So the only status update you will recieve will come when your item is shipped along with the tracking for that shipment. We will not provide status updates when emailed by customers,  instead you will get a link to the faq section.  

I didn't read the faq page and I figured I was being scammed and opened a claim with paypal, what happens to my order?  

We will direct you to the faq page to read. Once you open a claim with paypal your order is no longer valid. Paypal holds the funds for your order until they make a decision on your claim and you will be refunded on their time. We will no longer deal with the order unless it is complete and ready to ship. We will then contact you about your order and request that you close the claim so that the funds will be returned to us for your order and we will ship your order out to you. Opening a claim with paypal will delay your order as well as hold your funds until deliberation by paypal if we decide not to complete your order. Usually if we get an email about a PayPal claim we will skip over the order if you have not contacted us. Contact us if you have opened a claim so your order can be put back in line to be made.  This can result in a delay of your order. 

How soon do you all respond to emails?

All emails sent to us will receive an auto reply with an update on orders going out for the week based on that date you purchased your handmade items.  Live responses can take anywhere from 48-72 hours. 

I have not received any tracking info for my order yet, where is it?

When your order is complete you will receive a shipping confirmation email including your tracking info. The email will be sent to the email address you used to purchase. The email will come from a Pirate Shipping address

What is taking so long for my Custom order to be completed?

Custom orders can possibly take longer than usual but we haven't forgot about you, custom orders just usually require more TLC. Contact us to check the status.

Why does it take so long to make the pieces?

It doesn't actually take that long to make a single order but we have multiple orders that come in everyday and sometimes the orders contain several pieces. We are working as hard as we can to limit the time and please remember we are working to lower the time it takes to ship your order. Orders will not always take a min of 10 business days, it could be 5. Please also keep in mind your order is being handmade and not manufactured by a machine in China, you have purchased a one of a kind unique product, an exact duplicate of your piece does not exist on this planet.

I can't make a purchase you do not ship to my country.

Contact us so that we can add your country. 

Am I getting the piece pictured on the website?

Unless it is mentioned that you are receiving the exact piece pictured, no. That picture is what your piece will look like with that particular stone. Every crystal is different therefore it must be wrapped differently. We aim to pick a crystal similar and wrap it similar to the pieces pictured.

Do you all wrap crystals in Silver and Gold?

Yes We do, silver pieces are being added to the site. Gold will be after silver. If there is anything you want done in gold and silver that isn't on the website contact us.

I am a jewelry maker and wanted to know if I could sell my pieces through your site?

Contact us

You guys say you have every crystal but they aren't listed on the site.

Contact us, we are slowly adding all the crystals. Sometimes too many choices overwhelm the customer.

How do I clean my copper?

Soak pieces in white vinegar for 3-5 mins then rinse with cold water. dry off copper. 
Research the many methods for cleaning copper.
If your piece is worn on top of your attire over time the friction will produce a high glossy shine.

How do I clean my silver pieces?

Use a paste of baking soda and water. Apply to a cloth towel and rub the silver until bright reflective and shiny. Rinse with cold water and dry.


We are a handcrafted operation.  All pieces labeled as handcrafted are handcrafted per order. Refunds only apply to items that are broken and can not be replaced. Asking for a refund for not being satisfied with handcrafted and already made handcrafted products are not valid. Please contact us with any issue with your order and we will review the issue. If your item was received broken we will either replace the order or offer a refund. If you receive the wrong item we will send you the correct item. We are not responsible for lost shipments. You will be provided with a tracking email to monitor your package. All sales are final and returns are not allowed unless there was a mistake with your order. 

I put the wrong address in for my order/ I sent you the right address in an email, how does that work?

We do not take responsibility for you entering the wrong address, simply because you are able to review the address before confirming payment. This causes a major inconvenience in the shipping process of several orders. If we catch it we will change it. If we do not catch the mistake we are not responsible. You must make sure your info is correct before purchasing. Once you get the tracking info via email when your item ships, you can contact usps to have the address changed.

Do you have a physical store? 

No not at this time

I don't see the crystal I want

Contact us so we can add the crystal of your choice

Do you do custom orders upon request?

If it can be done yes, contact us with any ideas

Does the copper contain nickel? 

No it does not

Are your metals solid or plated?


What If my item is broken

When we ship your piece out it will not be shipped broken, if your piece arrives to you broken we will replace it. If it is broken while in your hands we will not issue a refund. You can contact us for further info on a solution if this happens to you. We are not responsible for the customer's care of their pieces or lack of.

Can I change my order after it has already been made? 

We suggest you take as much time to research to make a solid decision and stick with it,  changing orders that have already been placed can be a hassle and cause mistakes in the order. You can reorder the correct piece then we will refund you, which will take about 5-7 days to credit your account.