Copper Wrapped Amethyst Heart Cluster

Copper Wrapped Amethyst Heart Cluster

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Heart cut Amethyst Cluster


- Solid Copper - 1"- 1.5" L × 1"-1.5" W

- 10 gauge wire thickness3.57mm


Every Crystal is Unique! You'll Receive One Similar to the Photographs pictured above

Amethyst is a stunning gemstone with a deep, vibrant purple hue. It is a variety of quartz and is known for its calming and healing properties. Amethyst is the birthstone for February

Amethyst is a form of quartz, composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2) with traces of iron. It is the most valuable form of quartz, and its deep purple color is due to iron and aluminum impurities within its chemical structure. Amethyst can be found in many locations around the world, and is highly valued for its beauty and rarity. It is also thought to possess healing and spiritual properties, making it an excellent choice for jewelry and other decorative items.