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It is believed by some that wearing crystals can help to raise the vibration of the human body, reconnecting us to the Earth. This is important for us humans, as the higher our vibration, the easier it is for us to send out powerful energy signals, as well as receive higher information for downloads. Most of us are vibrating at low frequencies, especially due to the prevalence of cell phones and other digital devices that we carry with us every day. All of us have different millivolt ranges in our nervous system, which runs positive and negative ions throughout our body. The state of our health can be measured by millivolts, with the average person at an average state of consciousness ranging between 30-100 mV (millivolts). Those suffering from severe depression typically measure between 5-9 mV. The point of wearing crystals is to raise the human body voltage (or the electricity in our nervous system) to higher levels, making it easier for us to project our thoughts so as to cooperatively affect our reality. Our bodies are like a radio transmitter/receiver - if we don't have enough power in our nervous system and are trying to send out thoughts to influence our reality, the chances of us manifesting what we want are much lower.

When you get a weak signal on a radio that has an antenna and you place your hand on the attena the signal gets better, and before you actually touch the antenna your energy field actually starts to improve the signal before you finally touch it. ... this is small proof of what you are capable of.